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The project

The identification and structuring of Experiential Catalonia: the most significant itineraries and themed “getaways”

The challenge

The Marketing Plan 2013-2015 of the Catalan Tourism Agency determined different tactics that gave substance to one of the eight basic strategic ranks: the innovation in value planning.
One of these tactics, of high priority, is “Experiential Catalonia”: developing the universal concept of the tourist experience from different angles and viewpoints, and in this way allowing a differentiation of Catalonia as a destination to visit.
From within the six product categories that determine the Marketing Plan, two implicit a component of mobility during the use of the tourism product itself: the “itineraries to discover a small country with a big culture” and the “Getaways to disconnect in Catalonia” itineraries.
In the development and implementation context of this new Marketing Plan, the global challenge of this project is to identify and structure a part of this experiential product, in concrete, that which refers to the most significant itineraries and themed getaways:

  • To identify the large and principal resources and tourism attractions of Catalonia, indispensable at the moment of designing touristic itineraries.
  • To identify activity proposals and authentic tourism experiences, each different and innovative and that give value to the area.
  • To determine touristic areas and to elaborate on a few “itineraries” that allow them to be known with more or less depth depending on the amount of time, as much a way of creating a different and multiple-product, as a themed one.
  • To determine the adjustments of each tourist area and itinerary to the different markets.

Actions taken

  • The identification and determining of resources of interest and promotions from the point of view of the proposal: 9 tourism guides and 11 tour-operators.
  • The identification and determining of resources of interest and promotions from the point of view of the promotion: the elaboration of a database.
  • The elaboration of maps where the undertaken analysis of the content was embodied.
  • The definition of the 14 touristic areas from the structural criteria previously established.
  • The definition of the criteria for the layout of itineraries and for the establishment of each stage.
  • The planning of a total of 84 itineraries, of different duration and theme.
  • The designing of the routes of the largest itineraries on maps
  • The elaboration of presentation texts for the touristic areas.
  • The elaboration of descriptive texts for the largest itineraries.
  • The determining of the product-market matrix.
  • In regards to the project brand, interviews with different and intercontinental Centres of Promotion of Catalan Tourism have been undertaken: Russia, Brazil, China and Singapore.

The result

A total of 84 itineraries, of different themes, and articulated around tourism experiences.
A fact sheet for each itinerary, with the description of it and the details of the experience and providers that can live it.
A database of more than 1000 tourism experiences.

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