Calendar of promotional opportunities


2015 – 2016


Catalan Tourism Agency (Spain)

Applied services


The project

The conception and programming of an informative tool that links the calendar of festivities and holidays of issuing markets with the possibilities of communicative and promotional plans and so influencing directing on the purchasing decisions facing these periods.

The challenge

Beyond the classic holiday periods (summer, Christmas, Easter), the different issuing markets also enjoy other dates indicated by their calendars where, in different ways depending on each market, holiday weekends and festive days are given during which the tendency to travel is quite high.
The decisions taken in selecting and reserving destinations and the purchasing of holidays and trips are taken with different levels of foresight depending on the country of origin, the festive dates and the distance between the country and destination.
Even more so, the flexibility at the time of communicating, the ability to react and adapt to the message of upcoming events, specific circumstances and the control of periods to obtain the desired results, are indispensable elements to assure the success of promotional campaigns.
In this way, the challenge of this project is to set the parameters on the one hand, of the information regarding festival calendars, holiday weekends and holidays in issuing markets, and on the other hand, the retro-planning of different communicative plans undertaken and adapted to each market, achieving in this way to be able to generate which are those plans that can be implemented, each day of the year, to then influence in the purchasing decisions of holidays across a given festive period.

Actions taken

  • The identification of holiday and festive calendars from the different issuing markets.
  • The identification of the periods of selecting destinations and choosing to purchase.
  • The determining of promotional “type” plans.
  • The determining of the retro-planning to be able to develop each plan.
  • The conceptualization of the informative tool.
  • The programming of a beta version of the tool.
  • The development of a tool and data load.

The result

Project under construction

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